Daniela Tuari is a Feng Shui and Space Clearing expert, a Theta Healing® practitioner and an intuitive coach. Daniela transformed her own life dramatically by using the powerful tools of Feng Shui and Space Clearing before she decided to turn her passion into a full time career.

Before founding Space For Miracles Daniela worked as a business consultant and has years of experience in sales, marketing and running small businesses.

Daniela holds a professional certification in Elemental Space Clearing®. She is also a certified assertiveness coach, a certified basic DNA Theta Healing® practitioner and has studied Feng Shui as part of her Interior Design Diploma. Combining the spiritual approach with her solid business background Daniela is a modern day version of shamanic wisdom for creating a successful life.

Her main expertise is in space clearing and she uses this as a stepping stone to changing people’s lives from the inside out. The powerful method of cleansing the etheric space of houses and removing any absorbed negative energy has helped many people remove blockages in their lives, become more successful in their personal life or business, find a soul mate and attract happiness, prosperity and abundance.
To assist people in experiencing even more miracles in their lives Daniela also organises transformational retreats, which are designed to balance the mind and the body in more harmonious and positive ways Daniela also makes powerful aura sprays that change your vibrational frequency and help in your desired direction and help people achieve their goals easily.

Daniela organises live events, workshops and seminars and loves working with other change makers.