Increase your personal vibration with a custom-made aura spray that resonates with your individual needs.

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The personalised sprays are powerful tools that create an auric field, which corresponds to your individual focus and personal needs.

Each spray is made after a detailed questionnaire if filled by the client. The spray contains unique properties to enhance the client’s vibrational level.

How the spray works:

  • It invokes powerful energy field that corresponds to the client’s focus
  • It helps initiation in alignment with the client’s individual needs
  • It attracts the desired circumstances
  • It creates protective shield that prevents any negative energetic influences
  • It assists maintaining balance


Each spray contains Chalice Well spring water, essential oils, gem essences and crystal infusions. The sprays are made using the powerful techniques of the inner space clearing method. Each spray is unique and corresponds to the personal requirements of the client.


It takes 7 working days for a personalised spray to be made. You first need to fill an individual questionnaire. To request a questionnaire please contact us by sending an online request from here