A powerful combination of essential oils and essences that supports you to stay focused while stimulating creativity and concentration. This aura spray helps you stick to your goals by giving you motivation, strength and courage

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Positive influences of this aura spray:

– Supports you when you make a fresh start/begin new project
– Promotes clarity of thought and stimulates focus
– Eliminates blocks that may hold you back
– Gently dissolves old patterns and encourages new modes of expression
– Enhances perception and creativity, stimulates flow
– Strengthens, regenerates, motivates
– Helps to diffuse acute worry, gives courage
– Aids concentration, assists structure
– Helps you stick to your goal and stay focused

Chalice Well spring water charged with unique combination of crystals;
Essential oils: Cypress, Lavender, Pine, Spearmint, Cedar Wood, Lemon;
Flower essences:
Bach essences – Angel of Determination, Confidence, Decisiveness, Inner Strength, Handel Rose;
Chalice Well essences – Birth, Growth, Power, Zenith; Gem essences: Carbon Steel, Carnelian;
Spiritus aethylicus (95% ethanol/cutaneous solution)

Shake well before use, not to be taken internally, do not spray into eyes.
Spray above head and around the whole body (aura) or in a room

Hand made with love in UK