Balance your home’s energy this lockdown

Balance your home’s energy this lockdown

November 30, 2020
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Handling the energy of your home during this stressful lockdown

The energy of our home environment dictates how we feel on a daily basis. Waking up and going to sleep in a well-energised and balanced home is the difference between a good mood and a stressful day. At this time, when we are having to spend so much more time indoors, managing your home’s energy is so important, especially when many of us have had to turn our homes into our work spaces as well. So, how can we maintain a balanced energy in our homes and make this lockdown a little less stressful for ourselves?

Elemental space clearing

Space clearing is an amazing way to declutter the air around you. An ancient ritual trusted by so many around the world, space clearing releases negative energy that has become trapped in the walls, ceilings and furniture of your home, cleansing the space and your mind in the process. This practice can boost your wellbeing, both physically and spiritually, and can bring balance to your emotions. Negativity can become imprinted in your physical space. With so much negativity being produced from the current health crisis, it becomes hard to avoid. Worrying how to make ends meet, pay your utility bills or take care of your physical health can be dealt with by remembering that there are always solutions. Government grants to help you pay your bills, cheaper utilities by switching suppliers, and nutritional and vitamin supplements for if you don’t have time to always eat healthily, are all available to you at any time. As well as this, elemental space clearing can help to distance your home’s general energy from these negative and intrusive forces from the outside.


Clutter can clog our minds and fog our clarity. Having tidy, minimalist surroundings can help us to think clearer and be much more relaxed. In a cluttered environment, everything takes longer. You won’t be able to find anything you need, tasks take you longer, and you can’t stick to your routine. Throw away unneeded items, and tidy up all your clutter that you have left out for days. Realistically, decluttering should only take a matter of minutes, but it will help to clear your mind.

Calm colours

We all have colours or patterns that make us anxious and restless. Why not spend a day mixing up your home’s colour palette to help calm your nerves and stabilise your energy? Generally, neutral colours help us to stay relaxed, but a pop of colour can completely transform a room. Darker colours can make a room feel bigger, and lighter colours tend to make it feel much more serene.

Each room has a purpose

Feng shui teaches us that every space is dedicated to a particular aspect of one’s life. This is true for the rooms in your house as well. Dedicating each room to a particular task, activity, or even emotion, can help you to declutter your mind and compartmentalise your thoughts and feelings. Balancing out your home’s energy by room is a great way to balance your home life.

As so many of us are now working from home, dedicating one room or a small part of our home space to our work is a great way to stay motivated and compartmentalise your professional life, distancing it from your personal life. If your whole home environment is taken up by your work, it feels impossible to avoid it, and consequently, you will never be able to escape the stresses you are faced with from 9-5 every day.

Natural light is key

Not being able to leave the house as much has us all missing the natural light of being outdoors and soaking up the sun and the fresh air. If you don’t have a garden, or any other form of outdoor space in your home, then optimising your natural light will help you to feel that you have access to the outdoors, even when you are stuck inside. This is also so important for our mental health. Fixated on screens all day, our eyes need a respite every now and again, and looking out of your window towards nature can help give our eyes and mind the rest they need to stay energised.