A powerful blend of essential oils and gem essences that help you confidently overcome any situations when you feel nervous, insecure or leave your comfort zone. Increases the self –confidence and unblocks the true potential so you can shine bright in any area of life – presentations, meetings, public speaking, negotiations, exams, relationships.





Positive influences of this aura spray:

  • Eliminates lack of trust in self or the universe
  • Dissolves self-defeating patterns
  • Opens throat chakra, helps self expression
  • Removes any tendency towards being overly critical, indecisive, possessive or jealous
  • Stimulates inner knowing and positive decision making
  • Restores a state of inner self-confidence
  • Unblocks ability to manifest your true potential
  • Strengthens, motivates, releases emotional blocks


Chalice Well spring water charged with unique combination of crystals;
Essential oils: Lemon, Spearmint, Jasmine Delute;
Bach essences: Confidence, Decisiveness, Angel of Determination, Hearth chakra;
Gem essences: Apatite, Falcons eye;
Spiritus aethylicus (95% ethanol/cutaneous solution)


Shake well before use, not to be taken internally, do not spray into eyes.

Spray above head and around the whole body (aura) or in a room


Hand made with love in UK