Promotes self love, balances the heart chakra and raises the vibration of love. Creates transformational impact on your daily life, increasing the feelings of unconditional love, self esteem and sexuality.

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Positive influences of this aura spray:

-Heart opening blend that provokes balancing loving feelings with loving expression
-Regains self esteem, love and acceptance of self
-Restores hope, removes feelings of loneliness
-Eliminates fear of closeness or lack of trust, aids healing of emotional wounds
-Helps activating the high vibrational frequencies within your own heart chakra
-Encourages feelings of unconditional love, compassion and peace
-Invokes powerful sexual energy expression in a spontaneous and balanced way
-Restores the connection to our innate divinity


Chalice Well spring water charged with unique combination of crystals
Essential oils: Rose, Jasmine Love, Spearmint, Ylang Ylang
Flower essences:
Bach essences – Handel Rose, Gorse, Gentian, Angel of Love, Hearth Chakra, Sexuality
Chalice Well essences – Love, Birth, Growth, Mother Love
Spiritus aethylicus (95% ethanol/cutaneous solution)

Shake well before use, not to be taken internally, do not spray into eyes.
Spray above head and around the whole body (aura) or in a room

Hand made with love in UK